Starsight Cluster




1. This journal is filled with adult content. I regularly discuss things of interest to adults: responsibility, politics, religion, contracts, survival skills, science, cooking, filk, hobbies, government, current events, war, literature, history, human rights, jobs, finances, weight, disabilities, and more.

2. This is a personal blog but not a private one, 99.9% public because I believe in total transparency except for the small amount that’s none of your business. Of course, the really “none-of-your-business” stuff never makes it into a computer. I keep my private journals on paper. Here, I offer only my personal experiences and opinions on public affairs. I’m not going to go seeking validation and further documentation to satisfy you – that’s what you’re supposed to do on your own.

3. No one pays me to speak up or shut up. Everything on this LJ is my personal opinion, filtered through the lens of me. I am not paid to endorse or trash anyone’s products or beliefs on this LJ.

4.  My interpretations of the news and world events are filtered through me and my personal experiences and are not to be construed as objective or even necessarily as informed. Sometimes, the thoughts I post about current events are ones that I want to remember – spur-of-the-moment reactions and feelings, not deeply-thought-out analyses. Those deeply thought out analyses rarely make it on-line, so what you get here are the knee-jerk reactions.

I may do some research to satisfy myself but I may not blog about that research – if what I have posted doesn’t satisfy you, then go look it all up yourself. Google is but a click away, and the library isn’t that hard to get to, and newspaper archives are accessible, and so on. You have at least the same access to the information as I do.

Any footnotes, substantiation, and so forth are offered for my personal reference so I can remember where I got, and not for you to check up on me to see if I’m telling the truth.

5. Most of my posts are public. That means anyone can read them. Anyone can comment. Exceptionally rude or confrontational comments may be ignored. I will debate, in a civil manner, because I love a good and informative exchange of viewpoints and information. I will ignore people who come to my journal with their minds firmly made up and closed, who use confrontational and accusatory language, or who “yell” at me.   If your comment falls into one of those categories (closed, confrontational, “yelling”, or related to them), don’t expect your comment to be approved.

6.  Anyone can link to any post. I retain copyright over my writings, the ones which aren’t mine are usually quotes which have attributions. Please keep those attributions if you quote them. Consider it under a Creative Commons License.


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