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March 20, 2008

The Agenda

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Sadly. Republican Representative Sally Kern was elected to represent my district. I say sadly, but really, it’s more complicated than that. Now I know indisputably that Rep. Kern cannot tell the difference between what is appropriate for her to say as an elected employee and what she is free to say as a private citizen. In the former case, she is much more restricted than in the latter case.

All private citizens have the freedom to say and believe what they will. If Mrs. Kern had addressed those words to her Church group, to her friends at a social event, to her family, we may have disagreed with her opinions but we would have had no grounds to protest her words. It is her right to believe as she does, and to feel as she does, and to speak out about her opinions and feelings among friends and family.

When she took office, however, she swore an oath to represent those of us who live in her district. That’s all of us, from the newest born to the eldest, the liars, the upstanding citizens, the Pagans, the Native Americans, the women, the men, the married, the Jews, the single, the rich, the homosexual, the asexual, the poor, the homeless, the heterosexual, the Muslims, the couch potatoes, the activists, the Christians, – every one of us from every ethnic origin and every social strata and every ideology and lifestyle choice. Every single one of us whether she likes us or not. That’s her job. That’s what we pay her to do, and the money from me is just as good as the money from my neighbor, or one of her Church friends – and she gladly takes it, doesn’t she? I haven’t seen her calculate how many homosexuals live in her district and refund them the money they contribute towards her paycheck. As long as she accepts their votes and their money, then she has no public right at all to disparage any of us taxpayers and voters for our lifestyle choices.

She is our elected employee, and we don’t want her enacting a pogrom against any group of us; because while she may be targeting homosexuals today, tomorrow she may decide she doesn’t like asexuals or people who don’t mow their lawns twice a week and use the authority of her position to attack and vilify us. We all vote. We all pay her very large salary. She owes us consideration in her public and official dealings. Part of that is to refrain from using her authority to target some of us because she personally doesn’t like our lifestyle choices.

I own my house and pay my taxes on time and in full. I don’t know if I’m homosexual or not. I haven’t bothered to find out because I don’t care what it is.  That’s not what defines me.   My sexual orientation, or lack thereof, is nobody’s business but mine and I should not have to fear for my well-being and my life based on someone else’s perception of what my sexual orientation may be. Her job is to represent me and my fellow citizens in her district – and I feel my voice isn’t being heard.

The only people I know who are targeting 2 year olds about sex are the Christians who are so determined their children won’t grow up homosexual that they indoctrinate the toddlers and children as early as possible with a hatred of anything that might be “gay” in their opinion. If a boy in kindergarten says he likes cooking, his Christian classmates immediately brand him as “gay”, even though he’s far too young to know what his sexual orientation may be.

Honestly, until a person reaches adulthood and actually has sexual intercourse, they aren’t going to know for sure if they are homosexual or not. They may want to be one way or the other, but until they actually have sex, they won’t know for sure.  A person’s characteristics and personal quirks don’t indicate “gayness”. Not all homosexual men are tidy housekeepers who like pink and lace. Not all homosexual women are muscular women who wear plaid shirts and leer at other women. That people like Sally Kern want to divide us up according to sexual stereotypes and define us only by those with whom we like to have sexual intercourse says very sad and limiting things about Sally Kern.
Rep. Kern claims to be a teacher, and yet she doesn’t know that Greece and Rome were both countries and governments that accepted homosexuality. They lasted many centuries as homosexual-accepting countries. It wasn’t until they began discriminating against homosexuals that the government of the time became corrupt and fell, to be replaced with similar governments. The  fact that they accepted homosexuality wasn’t one of the contributing factors of their downfalls – the intolerance towards those who were different than the majority was.

There have been homosexuals in every culture throughout history and the only “agenda” they’ve ever had was to live their lives in peace with the people they loved and to do the work they loved in the same safety and under the same laws as everyone else.

They want the ability to claim their loved ones as family, to be a family, to face the same trials and triumphs other families get. They want the ability to dress in clothes that make them feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident without fear of being attacked by strangers who take exception to their clothing choices. They want the ability to go to public school and not be labeled “gay” because they prefer home ec to shop (or the reverse), or because they want to be friends with someone of the same gender. Friendship does not always equal “teh gay”, and adults shouldn’t condone children hurling the term around so carelessly when they aren’t even old enough to be sexually active.

That homosexual people hold public office shouldn’t be a either a surprise or a cause for alarm. It shows that homosexuals care about their community and are willing to spend the time serving in public offices. The only “agenda” here is community concern – for all members of their community. Their sexual orientation has as much affect upon their ability to hold a public office as their height does , or their hair color, which is to say: none at all.

If Mrs. Kern is unwilling to fairly represent each and every one of her constituents, she should consider the reasons why she chose to run for public office. And those who vote should consider if they want a representative who picks and chooses who among her constituents she will represent and who not. It could be their group she targets next as undesirable.


  1. […] for gay people, their families or their congregations. An Oklahoman observes that freedom of speech does not entitle Kern to abuse her public […]

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  2. Hear Sally Kern Rant IN A NEW CONTEXT on TV in a one-woman show
    by James Nimmo

    (OKLAHOMA CITY) Did you miss your own Easter church service this year? Well, by clicking on this link ( you can make up for that loss by listening to Oklahoma’s Rep. Sally Kern, district 84, give her own Sunday sermon.

    This March 23 local program on Oklahoma City’s channel 4, KFOR, was billed as a debate between Rep. Sally Kern and Dr. Rev. Scott Jones of Cathedral of Hope in Oklahoma City. But thanks to the connivance of moderator-in-name-only Kevin Ogle, Kern was allowed to control the conversation by talking over and louder than anyone else at the table.

    Her “discussion” in the form of a monologue centered on, what else, her bible’s version of what is or is not sinful and the usual steam-tray of cafeteria-style pick-and-choose bible verses.

    Until the issue of LGBT equality moves beyond dueling bible verses and slinging death-ray one liners about who has the superior scholarship, there will be little progress made in obtaining under civil law the rights and benefits for which LGBT citizens are paying taxes.

    I’m not interested in blocking anyone’s free speech opportunities, whether that be in the public square or the private sanctuary. But I am VERY interested in getting what is due to me and my LGBT friends which is full recognition of the birthright of living in this country–free and open access to all federal, state, and local benefits, rights, and privileges, without questioning our sexual orientation or gender presentation, bar none.

    To go back into the closet is unthinkable and would return the playing field to those who are alarmed that we LGBT people are running for public office, participating in the democratic process, and winning elections both local and statewide all across the country.

    The 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision was our Declaration of Independence–our private lives can no longer be used to intimidate us with threats of public exposure, arrest, and monetary fines.

    With Lawrence we regained our humanity and self-esteem but there are many people who would deny the validity of the Supreme Court.

    We must understand that those who oppose our full participation in the country’s social network do not care for our equality; they’ve never learned to share, they don’t play by the same rules. I think we’re not absorbing this fact into our strategies.

    We must act persistently, always legally, and at the same time, forcefully in the public courts, the public square, and our social circles to demand that our citizenship is recognized as an integral part of our country’s past, present, and future.

    Comment by James Nimmo — March 26, 2008 @ 3:10 pm |Reply

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